NMSP Criminal Investigation Section

The Investigations Bureau works to identify, arrest, prosecute, and convict offenders around the state who commit major criminal offenses. The Investigations Bureau also assists municipal, county, state, and federal agencies with the investigation of major criminal offenses.

IB Agents investigate violent crimes that include homicide, criminal sexual penetration of adults and children, robbery, aggravated assault/battery, and narcotics. The Investigations Bureau has Agents, including certified fraud examiners, who investigate large scale white collar crimes that include fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft. IB Agents investigate officer-involved shootings for municipal, county, state, and some federal law enforcement agencies around the state. The Investigations Bureau as Agents assigned to Federal Task Forces that include the FBI, DEA, the US Marshals, etc.

Specialized units in the Investigations Bureau include:

The Technical Services Unit, which includes Agents who conduct forensic examinations of computers, cell phones, and other digital devices that are used in the commission of a crime; the
Analytical Unit, which is staffed by civilian employees who provide expert analytical assistance and support to the criminal investigators; and the Crime Scene Team.