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The mission of the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau is to investigate, prevent, disrupt, and detect violent criminals and felonious criminal activity that undermine the safety and security of the citizens of the State of New Mexico. The Investigations Bureau will also work in a collaborative manner conducting comprehensive and systematic investigations concerning alleged violations of the Controlled Substance Act of the State of New Mexico and of the United States, subsequently presenting for prosecution all those whom commit any of these acts; whether against this State or the citizens herein.
For effective and efficient management, the Bureau is divided into 2 main areas, the North Zone and the South Zone:

Technical Unit

Additional to the Zones, the Investigations Bureau has three specialized units.  These units contain technical experts that conduct or assist investigations across the state.
  • Crime Scene Team

The Crime Scene Team’s function is to provide the state police and other law enforcement agencies with expertise and experience in the processing, examination, and interpretation of violent crime scenes. Its agents receive extensive and in-depth training and equipment, and perform this function in a professional manner.
The team became a full-time specialty unit in March 2005.  All members of the CST are completely outfitted with marked crime scene vehicles and associated equipment. Many of the members of the team are now graduates of the National Forensic Academy in Tennessee. Many of the members are court-recognized experts in trajectory, bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction
  • Online Predator Unit

Agents in this highly specialized unit handle Internet child exploitation crimes.  Their investigations are technically complex, and can involve a multitude of jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies.
  • Analytical Unit

Investigations Bureau’s Analytical Unit provides investigative support to criminal investigators and officers of all divisions within the Department of Public Safety, as well as other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in order to aid in the identification, arrest, prosecution and conviction of criminal suspects. The Analytical Unit accomplishes their mission by conducting tactical analysis.

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