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Training and Recruitment

Mission Statement

The New Mexico State Police Training and Recruiting Bureau’s mission is to provide the initial and continuing training to all New Mexico State Police Officers and Department of Public Safety personnel as needed. The staff is dedicated to provide quality training programs that reflect the needs of the organization and the ever changing environment in which we operate. With this goal in mind we will provide our officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill the objectives of the New Mexico State Police, while maintaining Tradition, Pride and Honor.

Due to unforeseen circumstance the application deadline for the 88th recruit class has been moved up to October 10, 2014. The following are test dates for each location:

Must be present both dates for testing
2/17/20142/15/20142/28/20142/17-2/18 2014
3/17/20143/1/20143/14/20143/17-3/18 2014
4/15/20143/22/20143/28/20144/15-4/16 2014
5/12/20144/5/20144/11/20145/12-5/13 2014
5/26/20144/6/20144/25/20145/26-5/27 2014
6/23/20144/19/20145/9/20146/23-6/24 2014
7/14/20145/2/20145/16/20147/14-7/15 2014
8/18/20145/3/20145/23/20148/18-8/19 2014
9/22/20145/23/20145/30/20149/22-9/23 2014
10/13/20145/24/20146/13/201410/13-10/14 2014
6/6-6/7 20146/27/2014
6/20-6/21 20147/11/2014
7/11-7/12 20147/18/2014
7/25-7/26 20148/1/2014
8/8-8/9 20148/27/2014
8/29-8/30 20149/5/2014
9/12-9/13 20149/19/2014
9/26-9/27 201410/17/2014
10/10-10/11 201410/24/2014
10/24-10/25 2014

*all dates are tentative, and subject to change. Please contact a recruiter to schedule and confirm a test date.

Officer Orlando Ayers
New Mexico State Police
Training and Recruiting Bureau
4491 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505)827-9200 ofc
(575)636-7838 cell

You’ve come to the right place! Our organization has a proud history of serving the citizens of New Mexico and as we move into the new millennium, we are searching for dedicated men and women who can help us write the next chapter in that history. Being a New Mexico State Police officer is a tough job, but it’s also one that’s filled with reward. Be forewarned: our selection process is rigorous and our training is extremely challenging, but if you can cope with it, you too can wear the uniform with pride that many honorable men and women before you have worn. Judge for yourself the benefits of a career with the New Mexico State Police, and ask yourself if you’ve got what it takes to be one of us.